Pairing your phone to Bluetooth® in your Lincoln helps to keep your eyes on the road while you keep up on messages, and phone calls.
To pair your phone to Bluetooth in your 2020 Lincoln, first, tap the audio button on the infotainment screen and tap sources in the top left corner. Under the sources option there is a Bluetooth Stereo button that will allow you to add a new device.
On your phone, open the settings app and find your Bluetooth settings. Make sure Bluetooth is on and the name of your vehicle will appear at the button of the screen. Tap the vehicle name and confirm that the numbers match.
Once your phone is connected, you can have your contacts sync so that the vehicle can access names if you decide to use voice commands to send a message or make a call.
In order to play music from your phone via Bluetooth, on the vehicle's homescreen, tap the sources button again and select the Bluetooth button.
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