The process requires 112 tests designed to ensure that interior and exterior mechanical and electronic components perform as designed. Factory-trained technicians recondition each vehicle to our exacting standards.


Air Conditioning /Heating Systems

  • A/C cooling operation at specification.
  • Check A/C and heating fan operation.
  • Heater and defroster work properly.

Brake System

  • Inspect brakes.
  • Inspect for brake fluid leaks.
  • Parking brake sets and holds vehicle.
  • ABS operates on "panic stop."
  • Brake fluid at full mark.
  • Brake pedal free play and travel per specification.
  • Disc brake pad minimum: 4/32
  • Drum brake shoe-lining thickness minimum: 3/32
  • No excessive grooving or heat checking of rotors or drums.
  • Parking brake releases completely.


  • Check frame.
  • Inspect underbody for damage.

Cooling & Fuel System

  • Inspect for fuel leaks.
  • Inspect for coolant leaks.
  • Engine coolant level at specification with cold engine.

Drive Axle

  • Differential fluid level correct.
  • No visual damage to axle housing.
  • No visual damage to drive shafts.
  • No damage to CV joint boots.


  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Cold engine operation normal.
  • Cold high idle correct.
  • Drive belt tension at specification.
  • Drivability OK during warm-up.
  • Engine reaches normal operating temperature
  • Hot drivability normal.
  • Inspect exhaust systems and hangers for leaks or damage.
  • Inspect for oil leaks.
  • Inspect for water bottle leaks.
  • Inspect lower body side for damage.
  • No excessive drone or vibration from engine or driveline.
  • Perform vehicle emissions testing as required by local and state laws.
  • Throttle does not stick shut on cold start.

Electronic System

  • Battery cables clean and serviceable.
  • Battery mount secure.
  • All wiper speeds work correctly.
  • Convertible top operation lockout function is OK.
  • Cruise control operation normal.
  • Intermittent wipers work correctly.
  • Power windows operate from master switch and all door switches.
  • Rear defogger indicator light turns on with switch ON.
  • Sunroof or convertible top operation normal through full range of positions.
  • Windshield washer operates.
  • Wipers return to correct park position when turned off.

Luggage Compartment

  • Inside trunk remote release operates normally.
  • Jack and tools are correct and secured.
  • Spare tire in safe condition.
  • Spare tire pressure correct.
  • Trunk latch works.
  • Trunk light works properly.


  • No excessive tire vibration or steering wheel shimmy at any speed.
  • Power steering fluid level at full mark.
  • Steering operation has normal feel.
  • Steering wheel centered in straight-line driving.
  • Vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surface.
  • Taillights working with no cracks or broken lenses.
  • Wheel covers, caps secure with no cracks or broken mount tabs.


  • Backup lights working with no cracked or broken lenses.
  • Brake lights working with no cracked or broken lenses.
  • Bulbs are not cracked and have no moisture or condensation behind lens.
  • Gas filler door remote release operates normally.
  • Headlight alignment is OK.
  • High and low beams of headlamps work correctly.
  • License plate lights working with no cracked or broken lenses.
  • Mirrors have full range of adjustment.
  • Trailer hitches & running boards are secure.
  • Outside rearview mirror power or manual operation OK.
  • Side marker lights working with no cracked or broken lenses.
  • Turn signals operate and self-cancel with steering wheel operation function.
  • Seat belt indicator tab is intact with no tears or broken stitching.
  • Seat belts have full range of extension and smooth operation.
  • Seat belts lock up per specification.
  • Seats operate normally, including recline, lumbar and cushion adjustments.
  • Warning lights ON with key ON, engine OFF.
  • Windows operate normally.
  • Driver's door window lock functions properly.


  • "Fade-away" dome lights work OK with ignition key OFF.
  • Ashtray clean and operates normally.
  • Audio/cassette/CD system working normally.
  • Clock works and keeps time.
  • Cup holder extends out completely and provides adequate support.
  • Dash light dimmer working.
  • Day-night mirror operates OK.
  • Dome/courtesy lights work, including operation for each door opening cycle.
  • Door-locks operate, including child safety locks.
  • Doors open and close correctly.
  • All alarm systems work properly.
  • Glove box door works properly.
  • Fuel gauge reads correctly.
  • Heater lights working.
  • Hood latch works.
  • Horn works.
  • Instrument lights working.
  • Turn signals operate and self-cancel with steering wheel operation function.
  • Radio SECURITY codes cleared.
  • Radio speakers do not rattle at high-volume settings.


  • Minimum 4/32" tire tread remaining.
  • Tires on the ground are same size and load rating.
  • No tire damage, bulges or cupping.
  • No missing valve stem caps.
  • Shock absorbers exhibit no excessive wear or leakage.
  • Struts exhibit no excessive wear or leakage.
  • Tire pressures set to specification.


  • Auto transmission park position and shift lock function properly.
  • Clutch fluid level at full mark.
  • Clutch operates smoothly with no abnormal noise or vibration.
  • Transfer case switches from 2WD to 4WD upon demand and 4WD to 2WD smoothly.
  • Transmission and transfer case fluids are correct.
  • Transmission does not shift into overdrive when button is in OFF position.
  • Transmission operates smoothly with no abnormal noise or vibration.

* Tests approximate based on vehicle

content and if equipped.

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