Android Auto connects your phone to your vehicle and displays your compatible apps on the infotainment system in the vehicle. Android Auto makes it possible for drivers to manage basic phone functions hands-free via the touchscreen or voice commands.
Use a media friendly USB cord to connect your phone to the vehicle and be sure you have the Android Auto App downloaded. Once the phone is connected, tap the enable Android Auto option, follow the prompts, and allow the system full access to your phone so that all of the features can perform properly. 
Using the voice commands, you can access Google Assistant and request directions, make calls, and compose and send messages. With a voice command such as, “take me to Olive Garden,” Google Assistant will locate and get directions to the nearest Olive Garden and display turn-by-turn directions through your choice of navigation app.
Making calls and sending messages can all be accessed through voice command and Google Assistant will read messages aloud and use talk-to-text technology to compose and send your message. These features can also be accessed by simply saying, “Hey Google,” followed by a command.
Android Auto can also access and display entertainment related apps such as Audiobook apps like Audible and Google Play books and music apps like Spotify and  Pandora.
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